Auto Redirect page after a specified time

A refresh Meta tag can be used in the head tags that allow for the automatic redirection of a page after a specified time. Check the code example below.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;http://localhost/homeseekers_rent/select_pickup_time.php" />

Simple Redirection in Php

To redirect the visitor to another page (particularly useful in a conditional loop), simply use the following code:

header('Location: mypage.php');

Where mypage.php is the address of the page to which you want to redirect the visitors.

Relative/absolute path

Ideally, choose an absolute path from the root of the server (DOCUMENT_ROOT), the following format:

header('Location: /directory/mypage.php');

If ever the target page is on another server, you include the full URL:

<?php     header('Location:');     ?>