Wp Plugin Widget Logic


This plugin gives every widget an extra control field called “Widget logic” that lets you control the pages that the widget will appear on. It provide a text field “Widget logic” you write any WP’s Conditional Tags, or any general PHP code.

See Example


In our theme I have created a menu area on header top right side visible one for non logged in user and one for logged in user. Simply I create two menu and using it on Header Top Right widget section by using “Custom Menu” individual widget.

See I am using WordPress conditional tags in widget logic text field.

Click Here for seeing all WordPress conditional tags where you can use them as per your requirements.

This is free plugin and available on WordPress Repository. For downloading this plugin please click on download button.


WordPress Plugin for Page Redirection

Hi guys some time you need WordPress plugin for pages redirection or direction custom url to any url in your wordpress project. In this article I am suggesting you a a best wordpress plugin.”Safe Redirect Manager” is a free plugin available on wordpress repository. Safe Redirect Manager is a HTTP redirect manager for WordPress. An easy-to-use UI allows you to redirect locations to new URL’s with the HTTP status codes of your choosing. The plugin uses the wp_safe_redirect function which only allows redirects to whitelisted hosts for security purposes. The plugin automatically handles whitelisting hosts for you. This plugin works great with Multisite.

Here you can download it. Click Here

Loan Period and Loan Interest Calculator

Loan Period and Loan Interest Calculator is a free WordPress Plugin for calculating loan EMI with monthly breakup and calculating loan interest. Most important thing this WordPress plugin is created by our team.

Short Code

Use [LoanPeriodCalculator] for calculation loan period calculation with monthly breakup [InterestCalculator]
is used for calculation for interest of loan from particular duration.


Loan Period Calculator Form

EMI Chart

Loan Interest Calculator Form


Interest Calculation


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EMI Calculator with monthly breakup free wp plugin

Some time you need wordpress plugin for calculating EMI  with chart emi-breakups for your website.”EMI Calculator”  Plugin allow you to add EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) Calculator at your website. This plugin is free and available on wordpress repository.


This plugin have two option first Option show EMI calculator in side bar with graphical representation. Second option show EMI calculator in post along with Monthly EMI breakup and Detailed description of you EMI paid.

Short code:

[emicalc format=”full”][/emicalc] OR [emicalc format=”sidebar”][/emicalc]

to place calculator in post.

You can download it from below Url.

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